Company portrait of Wibol-Lacke GmbH

The company Wilhelm Bohle, Lackfabrik – later Wibol-Lacke – developed from a painter and decorator business.
The founder of the company, which is over 80 years old, was Wilhelm Bohle.

14. January 1938

Wilhelm Bohle purchased the first building in Solingen and began to produce varnishes and paints.
As early as 1935, he was already producing painting varnishes on a small scale for his craftsman store.


Other industrial halls were built and added to the initial construction.


In 1942 the factory was closed on economic and military grounds.


The factory reopened in 1945 and continued the production of varnishes and paints until 1948.


In 1949, Mrs. Marga Fahle, born Bohle (Mr. Wilhelm Bohle's daughter), joined the business. For reasons of urban planning, in 1983 the old location of the factory was abandoned and a new factory was built in Schmalzgrube, the industrial area of the city of Solingen, on a 5,000 square meter surface.


Starting with 1986 the factory has extended horizontally and developed its industrial range of special varnishes and paints and WIBOL-LACKE became a medium-sized company.


In 1993 Mr. Burkhard Fahle took over the company's management, this business being nowadays at its third generation.